About Happymind Travels – For Backpackers travelling to Asia

Welcome to Happymind Travels. A Backpackers Brand, with the purpose of sharing stories and information about backpacking trips, and, also, selling products related to the life of backpackers.

There is no doubt that a mind of a backpacker is the happiest one. You can see and feel it when you are traveling and cross paths with other backpackers.

Happymind Travels is not only a digital magazine but a place where you can find resources that will help you to travel as a backpacker.


Travel Content Writing

Stories are that special ingredient that drives you to visit some place or some country.

It’s a fuse that makes you immediately look for all necessary information, like visa, flight price, weather and others, to make a decision.

All these necessary things and other pieces of information are available to you on this website, with the purpose of helping you to plan cheap and exciting backpacking trips.

Our focus lies on Asian countries, for now. Visiting spots like the relaxing 4000 Islands in Laos, or the mountains of Sapa in the north of Vietnam, the incredible Angkor Wat Temple in Cambodia, or the purer, but fabulous, Thani Mai Temple in Bandipur (Nepal) with a fantastic view of the Himalayas.

There is only one thing we hope you get from us:

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