The weather and best time to visit Vietnam

The best time to visit Vietnam can be all year round. Is, perhaps, the country with the best weather in Southeast Asia and, despite some storms, is entirely possible to travel. Just check this interactive map.

Vietnam Weather Map

  • JAN
  • FEB
  • MAR
  • APR
  • MAY
  • JUN
  • JUL
  • AUG
  • SEP
  • OCT
  • NOV
  • DEC
  Hard Rain
  • Perfect: The hottest weather;
  • Ok: Hot or regular temperature and maybe some rain;
  • Hard Rain: Rain, floods;
  • Cold: When temperature goes under 15ºC (59ºF);

1. Overview

Vietnam splits into three main climacteric regions: North, Center, and South.

North of Vietnam

From November until March can be freezing near the mountains of Sapa and nearby cities. And it will hit the coldest temperature between December and January.

In the Hanoi region, you can expect a bit chilly weather in these months too.

From April till October, you’ll have a hot and wet season. That means that you can catch some short and intense rain periods.

Central of Vietnam

From January to August you’ll face scorcher weather with temperatures going over 30º.

After that, from September to December, comes the rainy season and, at some points, it can rain a lot.

South of Vietnam

In the south, there’s not much more than good weather, except between June and July, when it can get a lot of rain.

From February to May is when it gets scorching, mainly in Mekong Delta.

But you won’t get rid of some rain with the heat.

2. The best time to visit Vietnam

Like said in the beginning, all time is good to go. You just have to dodge some bigger storms, like Typhoons, that can keep you from enjoying the country.

July and August are considered the high season in Vietnam, so expect more tourists and higher prices.

December and January can be freezing in the north, but you just have to pack accordingly.

For the rest of the year, some areas are good to go. But, if you plan to pass in the coastal area, check the weather on time and avoid some storms, including Typhoons, and you’ll be ok.

There are many options for you to choose.



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